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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calvin update

My sweet 3 year old! We had Calvin's well-child check last week. He weighed in at 32.6 lb and right around 38" tall. He fell right in the 50th percentile in both areas! We had a couple of major issues to discuss with Dr. Mike. One of those was to talk about Calvin's issues with vomiting. He has this insane pattern of excessive sugar and little sleep leading to vomiting in the early evening. Now, when I say excessive sugar, I mean 2 cookies for example. We don't have a lot of non-normal sugar like cookies, cake, soda, etc. around here. So, for Calvin to even get fruit snacks is a special treat. The reaction to sugar, with some excessive thirst led us to a quick test for diabetes. Thank goodness it came out normal!!!!!!! I was kind of worried about taking one more medical concern on in my crazy life. He said that it may just be something he will outgrow, but we will continue to track when and how it happens, and keep up with it as he grows.

Another major issue we discussed was this lump that has developed and continues to grow near Calvin's right eye. I included several pictures above to show what I'm talking about. It used to come and go. Now is is there all the time. It seems to be growing larger. It was always stated that it should be removed "sometime" in the future. As Dr. Mike started looking at Calvin, he immediately noticed that the bump was larger. We aren't really concerned about it being "dangerous", just affecting his peripheral vision in the near future. So, he decided to send us on to change the "sometime in the future" to "let's get this done sooner than later" and not in a concerning way. He weighed back and forth sending us to Opthamology or a plastic surgeon. We agreed on plastics, as it is located on his face near his eye and will be a visible scar. This plays a little trickier with insurance, as they won't cover it unless you submit the proper "medically necessary" codes, but hopefully that will all work out. So, we could easily be back to Children's Mercy soon for yet another surgery for a Pankewich boy in our house. Pretty minor stuff, but as I've said before nothing is minor when it's happening to your baby. I will keep everyone updated as to what is happening and when. That means we are heading to Children's Mercy for a consult this week, our off week for PT and OT for Zach. I just thought we'd stay away from there this week :)

Calvin is healthy in all other areas and for that we are extraordinarily thankful. It is such a blessing that is often times overlooked when you have a healthy child. I know I've done it with both Emers and Calvin for years. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vote for Zachary

This is the beautiful picture Julie took and has in her contest.

This was another of my favorites from the day. It shows how small he is, but also just where he came from--2 people who fell in love so many years ago.

My good friend, Julie, has a photo contest on her blog. Zachary is part of the contest. I ask you to VOTE for one of the cutest babies ever. Julie is an amazing photographer, and ohhhhhhhh so patient with the kids. She came to the house after Zach came home and was amazed at how small he was. That was so funny at the time, to me, because he was UP to 6 pounds at the time, nearly doubling his birth weight :) We had Julie take Zach's one year photos last week and I can't wait to share those with you, too.

Please go to Julie's Blog and vote for my sweet baby boy. You don't have to vote for Zachary, but we'd sure appreciate it. You can see what an amazing photographer she is.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

A little taste of Texas

My great friend, Tracy, getting to see Zach for the first time

Tracy's daughter, Eden, is such a cutie! She is a Gladney baby, too.

Trying to get a group shot of 4 kids this young is just silly. Tracy's oldest, Ellie, loved the horse, and the snow!


My sweet friend, Tracy, came up to Kansas City to visit her family. I was so excited to get to see her and her sweet girls (oh, and her hubby). Luckily for me, Tracy has family in town, so the chances are pretty good that I'll see her again. This is the first Texas friends I've seen in about 18 months, so I was thrilled! This has inspired me to want to take a trip back to Texas so I can see all my friends who I miss so much. Thanks for visiting us, Tracy. We ate at the T-Rex Cafe. This was a great celebration for Calvin's birthday. Great atmosphere, ok food. This is the same concept as the Rainforest Cafe, just with dinosaurs. The kids loved it and I loved the company. Don't get me wrong, I love that we moved and I love my new home, but a big part of me misses my awesome group of friends from Texas so much. Hugs to all of you guys!!!!!!! And, thanks Tracy and family for taking time out to visit with our little family.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

More snow pictures

Loved this snow angel made by Emers.

Tunnels, snow hills for slides, snow angels, sledding, snowball fights = fun times!

I know that I've posted a ton of snow pics, but we have been having such a blast playing in this white stuff. The snow fall ended up measuring 15" on our back deck. It is finally gone, as of today. Laney had quite the fun time, too. We didn't take Zachary in it at all. He just wouldn't have had fun, too cold.
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Calvin's first year

Meant to include this yesterday, but forgot. He was so little!
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday to Calvin!

A funny dress up costume from Christmas. It shows how much you like saying, "Argghhh" like a pirate.

The love you have for your siblings is huge! Sometimes, though, you feel a little smothered by your sister.

Books, reading, books, reading, books, reading!! We could read to you all day long. It is the first thing you do when someone comes to visit, bring them a book and beg them to read to you.

Dressing up like a superhero w/ "My Bobo"

A sweet moment at Thanksgiving when we went bowling. You crawled up in mommy's lap and fell asleep--something you NEVER do!
And sometimes you are a little mini-me, copying everything your sassy sister does.

Oh, that look! You sure know how to work those eyes of yours.

One of your favorite things to do, dressing up and wearing mom and dad's shoes.

You look so little here to me.
My future K-Staters!
Celebrating your 2nd birthday
One of my all time favorites. I baked cupcakes for Emerald's bday to take to school. I ran upstairs and came back to find this. You had helped yourself to the cupcakes and seemed to be enjoying yourself.
You have turned into our little Eskimo, loving the snow. This was shortly after you turned 2.
Our first outing to take you fishing. The joy is written all over your face.

Happy, happy 3rd birthday my sweet Calvinator! I can't believe my sweet baby is growing up so fast right before my eyes. Your independence is really shining through lately, and you are proving to us you are no longer our little baby. Some of your favorite things: Bobo!, your big sister, your baby brother, your puppy girl, playing outside, playing Wii, any and all forms of sugar, fruit, pizza, playing with friends and cousins, your train, all sorts of sports, playing hid-and-seek, reading and books, and Dora & Diego. Some of your dislikes: being told what to do, being bossed around by your sister, most forms of meat, most veggies, having to sit still during church, having to clean up, and so much more. There are moments that you are SO incredibly sweet. You give the best hugs when you are in the mood to be still long enough. You share with people better than most 2 year olds. Your vocabulary is incredible. You play with your sister and brother so well. You made a great transition to your big-boy bed. You love to read, and read some more, and read some more. You learn so much more than we give you credit for. There are moments that challenge us like none others. You can really throw a temper-tantrum. You have banged your head on the tile more times than I care to count from those tantrums. You spend a great deal of time in time-out some days. You refuse to eat most foods we offer at dinner, and go to bed hungry many nights. You have a bad pattern of low sleep and increased sugar that leads to a mess of vomit (something we are going to check out with the doc). But then, you give your brother a kiss for no reason. You sing a sweet song that melts my heart. You look at me with those deep brown eyes and I forget how much you've challenged me.
Sometimes I don't think we give you credit for only being 2 (now 3). We have high expectations, and put you on the same level as your sister. I know it's not always fair, and for that we are sorry. We do love you so very much!
It has been almost 3 years since they first called and told us that you would be in our family. You were placed in our arms and looked around with somewhat curious/cautious eyes. You instantly fell in love with your sister and haven't left her side since. This year you became a big brother and have done a fabulous job at your new role. We are so proud of you and the big boy you are becoming. Thank you God for giving us you and thanks to your birthmother for allowing us the opportunity to have you in our lives. Happy birthday to my Calvin. Calv, Calvinator, Brother Bear, Munchkin, Bud, Monster, and sweet, sweet little man! I love you more than you'll ever know my sweet baby boy, for you will always, be my sweet baby boy!Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Night snow fun

Calvin has become our little Eskimo-Joe in this year's snow play. He LOVES it and never wants to come inside.

Our neighbors dug this tunnel in the snow mound and our kids had a blast playing in it. Even Laney had fun going thru the tunnel.

These 2 pictures help show just how large that mound of snow is at the end of our cul-de-sac.

As odd as it sounds we let the kids go out and play in the snow after sunset. It was warmer that night than it had been in the previous days. It looks so dark, but it was probably only 6:30 or so. They thought it was a super special treat and had a blast throwing snow at daddy.
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Emerald wanted to model for me

Emerald was in a funny mood the other day. We have been spending a lot of time in the house, due to cold weather and tons of snow (last week). She had a fashion show, where she insisted everyone watch her, including her brothers and Mango. She asked me to take pictures. I love that she has so many fun outfits to play dress-up. Some of my awesome former students were in dance, and these represent a few of their costumes that they so generously donated to Emerald's dress-up closet. What a lucky little girl!
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Zachary is getting around these days

Zachary has figured out how to sit at this toy. He isn't really sitting on his own w/o a toy, but he will pull up to this, kneel on his knees, then get into sitting position. Good practice for his trunk muscles.

Calvin & Zachary sharing the couch during our movie night. Love how Z is laying on C.

Zach just loves being able to move around the house these days. He attempts to chase the siblings around when they run by him. Cars on the tile, his favorite.

Zachary staring up at his siblings trying to figure out how to crawl up the stairs. Em & Cal have decided they can safely play on the stairs and not be bombarded by their baby brother

Ahhhhhhh.........the cause for Zachary to go to time-out these days. Yes, our sweet little guy has begun getting into trouble, and his favorite spot--Laney's food dish. Laney is eating in this pic, not growling (like it looks).Posted by Picasa