photo taken by Angela Speiker

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring is finally here

I love this picture. The kids love having their grandparents spend time with them. Believe it or not, we did try to have Emerald in the picture. She was doing her usual, no picture attitude.

Calvin trying to get "down, down". One of his favorite phrases.

We are finally having spring-like weather. I dug out shorts this week and started packing away sweaters. Yes, we are not used to waiting this late to do this act. Usually by mid-February we have our spring stuff out. The trees are blooming, flowers are popping up, and we are spending lots of time in our backyard. Skip's parents were here this weekend. Walt was a huge help in getting up the fence. Hopefully we will finish that project this weekend. Cheryl had a bowling tourney and enjoyed some time with the kids at Heidi & Jeff's church Spring Fling. The kids loved playing on the playground and Calvin has developed a new love of the slide. He has also been quite a stinker lately wanting down all the time and throwing quite the tantrum if he doesn't get his way.

On an absolutely awesome positive note, we are close to selling the Texas house. We got an offer over the weekend and came to an agreement on a price. We are beyond thrilled. We loved our old house, but have moved on and are excited to be fully focused on our new home. Never thought I'd be so excited to be a one home-owner.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

We love our Laney-Girl!

Calvin is so proud of himself. His newest accomplishment is climbing on the rocking chair and rocking away. This is such a precious smile, it makes my heart melt every time.
If you look closely you can see snow flakes. Yes, it snowed last weekend, both Sat & Sun. We couldn't believe it!!

I just loved this picture. The kids look longingly outside. We can't wait for constant warm weather so we can finally play outside.

"I want to help Daddy" all the time. Here Emerald is helping "supervise" Daddy's progress on our fence.

And this is why we love our Laney-girl. She was quietly laying in her sun spot, her favorite. Emerald decided to squeeze her way in between Laney and the door and force Laney to lay her head down on her back. Calvin just loves to "help" feed Laney these days. Emers decided to kiss her and Laney repaid the favor. I love our dog and her level of patience. Just this morning Emerald played dress-up and put 2 hats and a saddle on Laney. I wish I had time to grab the camera.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Dream Come True..............Emerella's Carriage Ride

Emerald had the time of her life last Saturday! She received a carriage ride in Cinderella's carriage on the Plaza in Kansas City as a Christmas present from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jeff. We had to wait out the snow and yucky weather, but the wait was worth it. They had perfect weather. She even had to pick out her cowgirl boots so she could be "my cowgirl" as she says.
The horse's name was Bobby and she was in love from the beginning. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Heidi fed her lunch after the ride and she loved watching Bobby ride in front of her. She then got to pick out M&M's for her ice cream at TCBY. Can you get a better day?? She hasn't stopped talking about it since. I am sure she is even dreaming about it as she sleeps. She is VERY into pricess things these days and this ride was a perfect combination of her 2 loves! I don't think this day can be topped!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter egg time

Calvin was pretty excited about this egg coloring stuff.

Emerald points to her favorite egg.

We finally got around to making our Easter eggs. We were in Texas during Easter, so it had to get postponed. Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jeff had fun helping us color the eggs. I'm not sure who had the most fun of all!

Fun times with family!

Emerald and Calvin have been LOVING having all the family around them. We are appreciative of all the love that surrounds us. Here are some cute pics of the kids with family. Sorry I didn't have any pics with Nana.
It's a little late, but we'd like to send out a Happy Birthday to Grandpa, Uncle Shane, and Uncle Joe!