photo taken by Angela Speiker

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy 1/2 B-day Calvin

Calvin is 6 months old today! We just got finished having Nana & Pop Pop, and Stephanie, Keegan, & Gavin visit us. We went to the Hamilton Family Reunion in Stillwater July 6 and got to meet Grandma & Grandpa along with lots of other family members. Both Emerald and Calvin had fun swimming in the hotel pool. Calvin got to try big people food for the first time today, adding peas to his diet of cereal and milk. We are praying that this will help him sleep through the night, something he doesn't like to do these days. Emerald is still in love with her little brother and worries about him constantly.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Although we didn't even leave the house, we had a productive Independence day. It was nice to stay home and get a lot done. Emerald had fun with daddy being home and tried to be in his face all day. As usual, Calvin reacted to Skip being home by sleeping twice as much as normal. We are preparing for Calvin's first trip this weekend. We are going up to Stillwater for my big Hamilton family reunion. This will be the first time Calvin meets Grandma & Grandpa and Emerald reminds us daily, "Ready to go to Oklahoma." Of course daddy is proud because, as many of you know, Oklahoma is his favorite (university that is). We will get to see lots of family and will post pictures later.

Calvin started rolling over about a week ago and now has discovered that he can roll, then roll back again. He has moved several feet now and we are all worried! Emerald is the sweetest big sister as she cheers him on each and every time he does something new. We love watching their interaction with each other.
Emerald is working on the potty training, but we still have a long way to go. She is such an independent little girl, always walking around saying, "no, my do it self." This includes our prayers lately. She combines our nighttime prayer with our meal prayer, but that is ok, I'm sure God understands. We are thankful that she is independent and is able to do so much for herself, especially when we need to focus on Calvin. She is patient when it comes to him, and again we are thankful.