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Monday, September 12, 2011

Calvin lost his first tooth!

We noticed a big tooth coming in, actually all the way in, Friday morning at breakfast. The baby tooth wasn't even loose Friday evening, and by Saturday afternoon, it was out! He bit into a peach and realized it was very loose, and worked it out himself after 5 minutes of quiet time in his room. Daddy was home with the kids, so I found out thru a text. Emerald has had a loose tooth for about 3 weeks, and hasn't yet lost a tooth yet. Despite that fact, she was still excited for her brother. He helped introduce our Pankewich family pillow to store our lost teeth in for the Tooth Fairy. She left him a sweet note and a super special prize since this was his first lost tooth. He got a Scooby Doo fire truck, both things he is pretty excited about.
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Red Friday

Our school held a Red Friday last week. We are trying really hard for a $10,000 grant and asked all the kids to dress in red. They learned a lot about healthy eating habits and excercise. A good friend made the cute hair accessories and ribbon for Emerald. They held a tailgate party for lunch and then a pep rally in the afternoon. I helped out by dressing in the colt costume! It was very hot in that mascot. The kids loved it, even Zachary came running up to me screaming, "horsey mommy, I love you." Too sweet. Calvin was pretty excited to get Mr. K (the gym teacher who was our districts Teacher of the Year and AWESOME!) in the football gear.
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After bath sillies

We have these fabulously awesome towels that I just adore, and so do the kids. They love to act like their animal after bath, and Zachary is getting into also. Calvin is a bear--perfect fit! Zac has been hopping all over like a "ribbit", and changed to his duck towel last night and quacked all over the place. I love my clean smelling, freshly bathed little critters. They continue to make me smile.
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Dirty & clean

Zachary's favorite pastime during soccer practice and games

The dirt is all over

Dirty boy feet

Freshly cleaned kids!
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