photo taken by Angela Speiker

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Purple Team Pankewich for Family Field Day

Sunday evening we had a Family Field Day hosted by my mom's group. We were told to dress in our "team colors" and what a better way to do that than dress in purple pride? Of course it is also convenient that we have something for each family member in purple!

We were able to take part in a water balloon toss, 3-legged race, crawling contest, bean-bag toss, egg race, scavenger hunt, blindfolded Daddy diaper change, and wheel-barrow race. Calvin wasn't so sure about crawling on the grass, but Emerald jumped in there and won a prize for her throwing skills. Emerald got a little possessive over the water balloons. She became quite sad when the first one broke and refused to throw the next, she just carried it around with her. We had a blast and would love to do that again soon.

He's pulling up--look out

Calvin has decided that he really likes what he sees above crawling level. You should see his eyes light up as he raises up to a new height. He is now pulling up on everything and has even scared us by trying to take a step or two while holding on. Don't worry, I don't think he has the balance for it yet, but give him a week. He is also soon to start crawling the correct way, instead of his speedy army crawl. He took 6 "crawling steps" today before dropping back into army crawl. He has too many things to chase after and is trying hard to get from place to place.

Emerald's favorite thing to do these days is play in her castle. She has to invite everyone inside, and hope that the "bad wolf" (aka Laney) won't blow it down. Daddy makes her quite excited when he squeezes inside. Calvin loves crawling in and out playing peek-a-boo. As you can see she also loves getting into Mommy's makeup and playing with her shoes. She is trying to grow up too fast.

We finalize with Calvin on Monday! We will get everyone up early and be at the lawyer's office by 8 am on Monday morning. Tomorrow is Emerald's anniversary of her finalization day. We want to take a moment and thank Leticia and Josephine for helping us be the happy family we are!!

Hopefully be the next blog we will have an address of a rental house in Olathe. We are working hard at getting all the details taken care of for our upcoming move. Pray that the house sells soon and at a decent price. This is not a seller's market, but that could be good for us on the opposite end up in Kansas. It will all even out in the end, right?

Friday, September 14, 2007

We're moving!

After months of searching, we think we found just the right job for Skip. He has accepted a position with Garmin International (makers of GPS systems). He will be working with the units that go in the cars. We are anxious, nervous, and excited about this new adventure and hope that we have made the right decision. We listed the house on the market and hope it sells soon enough. For now the plan is for all of us to move up to Olathe (a suburb of Kansas City) and find a rental property for a few months while looking for the right location and house. He starts on October 22nd, and we plan to move a few days before that. Happy birthday to us!

On the kid front Emerald celebrates her half birthday tomorrow. 2 1/2 years old already! She is a wonderful girl and continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and sense of humor. She is still in love with her brother, Laney, and anything horse related. She carries Mango around changing diapers, feeding him, and telling us to be quiet, Mango's sleeping.

Calvin is almost 8 months old and is crawling all over the place. We are impressed with his turn, as the movement in his life has brought out a whole new Calvin. He is much happier and sleeps well these days. He has discovered how to sit up from laying position and after each successful job at this he looks to us with a big smile, like he is saying Look at me! His favorite sounds include Da-Da sounds although we aren't quite sure he is meaning Dad. It makes Skip smile. His fangs show through, and he has finally gotten a front top middle tooth to add to the 2 on the sides. We know that when he figures out how to crawl up on all fours he will be super fast chasing his big sis.

Sorry it has taken us so long to update this. I will try to do a better job. Other things have been a priority including chasing the kids and preparing for the move and house selling. Wish us luck with it all!