photo taken by Angela Speiker

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The First Lesson

Emerald took her first lesson this week. We are sure it is the first of many lessons in our future. She was quite proud of herself getting dressed in her swimsuit and modeling for the camera. She did really well in the water. She told Daddy as soon as he got home about how she kicked in the water and blew bubbles. We can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is such a great big sister. The first thing she did after her lesson was to walk over to Calvin and tell him all about her big day.

Calvin's Baptism

We had Calvin baptized on June 3, 2007. He was such a wonderful angel allowing that water to be poured over his head. Emerald enjoyed being part of her brother's special day. We aren't sure what it meant, but just as we were walking toward the front of the church for the actual baptism, the skies outside the church opened up and dumped! Emerald could be heard announcing to all, "That's thunder, lightening, hail, ice." The showers only lasted long enough for the baptism. Calvin wore a family gown--on that Emerald wore, ad even his grandfather, Walt. Pop Pop wasn't too happy to see his grandson in a dress, but it was nice to have the family tradition included in the baptism. We were thrilled to have Aunt Laura in town for the baptism. We missed Uncle Shane, but understand that he couldn't be here. We were lucky to have Laura, Shane, Karen, & Paul as Calvin's Godparents. We know they will be a blessing to have in his life. We also appreciated Nana & Pop Pop for driving down for the weekend.