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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Computer issues

This was an old photo I stole from a previous blog. Calvin got into Emerald's 4th bday cupcakes while I was upstairs. Silly me for leaving them in a locked container, at the back of the counter, stacked with something heavy on top. Where there are cupcakes, there's a way! 2 years has flown by!!

Wasn't my new year's resolution to keep up with the blog? Yeah, just when I was going good, we have issues with our computer. For some reason, it feels wrong for me to do the blog w/o a picture or 2. Skip has been working hard at resolving the issue (he is so much wiser than me in the computer world). So, hopefully all will be better soon.

We have been trying to stay warm. This morning we baked cupcakes for Calvin's birthday (which is Friday). It was so sweet to hear my kids giggling, see their smudged noses covered in batter after licking the spoon, sharing sweet comments like "thanks for having a birthday Calv", and the little voice of Z saying "more bite, more bite". Calvin looked at me and said, "you're the best, mom". All that for cupcakes. Those are the moments mommies live for.

It is supposed to dump more snow on us today, so we shall see if we have school tomorrow. Calvin has been to school twice in 32 days. Emerald has only been 7 times in that time span. The winter blah's are setting in. We received a great gift in the mail this week, a Wii game for Dance for Kids. It has great kid music (age appropriate), and asks the kids to do dance moves to the screen, and they compete! Let's see, there's music, dancing, competition, laughing, and using up some of our energy--what could be better?! I love it! Thanks Kelly, great gift.

We finally took down our Christmas stuff this week, kind of late, but we were enjoying it. Now it has been replaced by miles of train track, and wooden blocks (we stole those from Nana, Daddy used to play with them as a kid), horses, and forts. Our house looks like a constant playground, but that's ok with me.

I'll add more pictures as I figure out the new system.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More catch up


I absolutely love this picture of mom with Zachary. It truly captures life for me. The one of Emers is how I found her in bed one night--always clutching Mango, and holding her wand with such a smile. I also adore this pic of Calvin--he is growing up so fast. Zachary & Josiah love spending time together and smile so big when they see each other, while calling "Hi Iah, Hi Ack".

Update on Walt:
Walt had a pretty serious seizure about 3 weeks ago. Luckily, nothing was really wrong, just one of the side effects of his condition, in other words actually fairly normal (whoever ddetermines normal anyway). After this the doctors highly recommended Walt go back into a care facility. this is something Cheryl had been considering anyway. Walt began living in a wonderful care facility in Mac the next day. It really is a great place, and the nurses really seem to care about the patients. Walt has continued some of his chemo and this, along with the seizure, and the move, have made him really tired. We are continuing to pray that 2011 brings healing for our family.
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