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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas morning take 2

Such a cutie

Patiently waiting his turn

He thinks he knows what is in the bag

Eli was so excited to get his bowls


Those bowls are the best gift ever

Daddy, what else did you find in the garage?

Is that for me?

Yes, I'm turning growing up too fast!

Love this shot!

Merry Christmas

THE thing Calvin wanted with all his heart and soul!

Zachary found his way into the middle of the race track to watch his cars

I had to post so many pics of Calvin.  He found a fire station while we were out shopping.  He adores anything and everything fireman related right now!!!!  He fell in deep, lusting, drooling love with this thing.  He bent over backward throughout the pre-Christmas season.  Best behavior I've seen out of him. 

Santa his the Christmas presents in the garage.  We brought the gifts in, and Calvin sat so patiently watching as each of the other 4 kids opened their gifts.  He got his fire hat.  He didn't say a word.  He just sat and waited.  When we said that was all there was, his face dropped.  I mean hit the floor with a thud dropped.  The frown nearly broke my heart.  We quickly recovered his sad little face with an "oh, wait, there might be one more thing" and he shot thru the rough.  He saw Uncle Shane and Daddy bring that fire station in and he was dancing all around the room.  It really was the perfect Santa present for the perfect age!  I loved being part of this and making it so special for our sweet Calvinator!  Not that the other kids didn't have fun, but that moment will remain in my heart forever.  Who knows, he may be a fireman some day.......
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