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Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Eve

I love how all the kids are lined up in eager anticipation

Waiting to see what Nana has to open

2 boys ready for Christmas

Nana showing off her t-shirt quilt

The 3 (nearly) 3 year olds playing with their Garmin cars

On Christmas Eve we went to church and then spent a beautiful evening together, our 5, Heidi, Jeff, & Josiah, Laura, Shane, Simon, & Eli, Nana, and Skip's Uncle Allen and Aunt Janet.  The best gift shared on this night were tshirt quilts made by Aunt Heidi out of Walt's former tshirts.  She also made each of the grandchildren a pillow out of the shirts.  It was so special and gave us a feeling that Walt was in the room celebrating with us.  At one point I looked out at the busy chaos in our house and just smiled.......  Just 4 short years ago when we purchased this house we had Emerald and Calvin, and I knew that Christmas would be fun and lively.  I didn't really picture the fun noise that did fill our living room on this wonderful Christmas Eve.  6 kids, and all our our happy smiles, jokes, tickles, and sweet memories shared and created, that is what it is all about!  So happy we were all able to be together to celebrate.
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