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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I miss blogging.  I miss having an outlet to share my feelings, brag about my kids, share the funny stories, inform the masses about our happenings, and prove that we really are doing something when I say the perpetual "we are just busy" without pinpointing exactly what.  I love blogging!  I am going to try to commit to doing it more, perhaps this summer.  I need to catch up on the happenings of the last 5 months.  I need to share all that is going on with us.  I know people look at our blog, and that inspires me.  I stand in the shower, or lay in bed at night, and create my vision of what I want to say....and it is perfect and  beautifully written, and the rainbows flow in the background, and no kids are screaming at me to help them, no doorbells are ringing, nothing else is happening but me writing and doing what I love. 

For now I will just say that we have been doing the following over the last 5 months:

Zachary turned 3.  He is doing so well at school it is awesome!  He has had a ruptured eardrum, but other than that (and it was no big deal on his part, didn't even phase him), he has stayed healthy!!  Wahoo!!  So 2 doc visits, well-child and ear.  Not bad.

Calvin turned 5 and had a big pirate party.  He went to kindergarten round-up and loved it and can't wait for kinder to start.  He is still all boy claiming to love dirt, and sticks, and "guys", and anything fireman related.

Emerald turned 7 and had a sleepover, tie-dye, peace party.  She is losing teeth and doing much better in the attitude and academic world. 

I have taken on more.  I am finishing up VP of PTO, will be the president next year of PTO, helping the March of Dimes by speaking at functions and helping with the walk, running our OPR team, helping with our town's Fall Festival, watching a kid or 2 a week, oh, and maintaining a house with 3 hyper kiddos.  It's the dream :)

Skip puts up with me.

That's all the time I have, b/c I have to go to school to meet with Emerald, who is principal for the day.  We are chatting about PTO stuff :)  I love it!  Pics to come later.

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